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Stir Fry Vegetable Rice

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It is true that rice is the most consumed meal in most homes but we all know sometimes it gets boring to eat it the usual way.Here is one of my favorite recipe of rice to prepare,it is not only fast but easy, colorful and healthy. It is known as stir fry rice

Preparation Time (40minutes)
4 person serving
Rice (Preferably Basmati rice)
2 pieces of pepper
1 big onions or 2 medium size
1/2 kilo of chicken (preferably broilers)
1 tbs (not compulsory)
1/2 tps black pepper
1/2 tps white pepper
Salt and maggi to taste
Carrot, green peas, green beans, green pepper and spring onions (to your content)

1 Soak Basmati rice in warm water for it to swell.
2 while rice is been soaked garnish your chicken with your preferred spice and boil till soft, ensure there is enough water to bring out the stock from the chicken
3 while boiling chicken cut your carrot, green peas, spring onions and green pepper into fine small sizes. This takes about 15 minutes, in the process check chicken to see if tender
4 Chop onions and pepper into fine small sizes. Onions is almost supposed to be invisible. When you chop all the vegetables put in a bowl excluding the pepper and onions which should be put in a single bowl
5. When chicken is done, chop into finger sizes and put aside. Pour chicken stock in a new pot and bring to boil. Ensure the chicken stock is not too much as basmati rice requires little water.
6 Add pepper, diced chicken, oil and onion into chicken stock to boil together. Put all spices required also as the water boils. Once it starts to boil drain water out of the rice and pour into pot. Allow rice boil till it’s done. Ensure you check within intervals so it does not burn.
7 Once rice is done put on low heat and allow to steam for 5-10 minutes, during this process add your remaining veggies to allow steam with the rice so the taste can go into the rice

Zahra Maikudi
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