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Most times we feel cooking a meal that is not within our culture might be a little stressful or worst still

may turn out to be a disaster but sometimes all we need to do is give it a try. We all know noodles is not

our indigenous meal but has always been delicious. Now you can make your ow homemade noodles

with the recipe i have provided.

Noodles (4 serving) (Duration 60mins)

1 pack of Noodles (Find it in an assorted supermarket) or spaghetti (alternative)

Maggi, salt, black pepper, White pepper

Carrot, green beans, spring onions, green pepper


Spice shrimps with maggi cube and maggi liquid, salt, garlic and allow to seamer

Chop vegetables into fine pieces. Put onions and Belle Pepper each in separate plate

Spice your chicken breast and allow to boil. Ensure it has enough broth to cook your noodles

When chicken breast is properly cooked, remove and cut in chunk sizes or to your preference

In a new pot, pour a little amount of oil and put in onions and garlic

Allow to fry till it turns golden brown then pour the broth and allow to boil.

When it starts boiling pour noodles into the pot along with the chicken breast

When noodles start to soften add shrimps, soy sauce, maggi liquid, black/ white pepper and oyster

nooLeave for 5-10minutes to ensure shrimps is properly cooked

Add vegetables and leave for 5minutes before serving

Leave your pot open when you put your shrimps so it does not get hard

Do not use too much water so it does not become soggy.

Add more oil if noodles seem dry in the process of preparation.


Zahra Maikudi
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