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My friends and I were out and about last week, we got hungry, we needed to eat but we did not want to eat Jollof rice or pizza or chips or small chops, we wanted to eat a proper Nigerian meal and we could not decide on where to go.

Then I remembered a co- worker of mine raving about a restaurant he went to called JEVINIK and how great their food was. You see I did my basic research, and I found out that JEVINIK is a Nigerian restaurant that mainly serves native Nigerian food from the southern region of Nigeria. They serve other dishes as well but their major focus is on the dishes from the southern part of Nigeria. They have dishes like Afang, Edikaikong, Native Soup, Banga soup just to name a few.

So I suggested JEVINIK to my friends, and after a little bit of argument about not being sure about the place and the quality and quantity of their food, (You know how girls can be). They eventually agreed and we went to JEVINIK on Isaac John Street at Ikeja G.R.A.

Jevinik Restaurant

When we walked in to the restaurant, the ambiance was really calm and welcoming, their waiters were really polite and attentive and I was like okay, this is not a bad start, let’s find out what the food tastes like.

I ordered pounded yam and native soup because I was trying a new restaurant and I had to try something new and native soup was my new try.  My friends ordered their own meals with the variety of dishes that were available, but I did not pay attention to what they ordered because I was full of anxiety and anticipation because I did not know what to expect.

Anyway, we had to wait for about 10 – 15 minutes for our food and then the waiter brought this meal and I tell you, This meal was a vision of  God, expressed by man in the form of food. This wonder dish came through and I was like WAWU. I have never seen soup served that way before. I am Yoruba girl, we don’t do too much with our soups you know.   I mean pounded yam is white with its regular self but the Native soup, it was gorgeous. The color of the soup, the periwinkle and meat and other things that were used to garnish it was just beautiful. The smell phenomenal I could not wait to dig in because the sight of the food alone was already making my mouth water.

Pounded Yam

The food Looked so good, The sight of it was very appealing, the portion size was generous and the taste, oh my goodness the taste. The taste was beautifully delicious, it was yummy. I have never tried native soup before and I am genuinely glad that I was not disappointed. Then to top it off the price of the dish was very affordable. I am glad I tried JEVINIK and their food. If you have not tried it, I urge you to check it out.


Oluwadamilola Akinleye
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