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Okay I have a question. Why do we have to wait till certain periods to enjoy some

meals? It feels like some of us were not around when these laws were made. For

instance, there is an unwritten Nigerian rule that says Suya must be sold at Night.

(What if I want to have it for breakfast?) Most generators must come on by 7pm.

Worst of all, I have to wait till the rainy season to enjoy my corn delicacies. *Sigh.

This life is just a pot of beans… A big pot of beans and sweet corn

Anyways, you’ll come to learn that I love the easy life. No rigorous technicalities.

The maximum I can stay in the kitchen is 45 minutes because I’m all for the quick

but yummy throw down. So, to prepare this super yummy deliciousness, you’ll

A can of sweet corn or fresh corn (dehusked)

1 medium sized bulb of onion (Finely chopped)

2 spoonful of palm oil

Smoked mackerel fish (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

Wash beans properly and boil with just the right amount of water (You don’t

want it overcooked or waterlogged)

If you’re using corn from the cob, dehusk and cook till tender then add to the

boiling pot of beans at the same time because it takes a longer time to cook.

After a few minutes, add your chopped onions to give it that yummy aroma

When the beans is tender, add your palm oil, blended crayfish, stock cubes, and if

you’re using smoked fish, now is the time to add it.

Cover and leave to cook some more for about 10 minutes

Next, add the sweet corn (Remember to drain the brine)

If you want, you can go ahead and use a turning to stick to mash it up.

Try it out and let me know how it goes okay?

*Suya: soo-yah Nigerian meat kebab usually sold at night. (Don’t ask us why, we

*Adalu: ah-dah-loo (Beans and corn porridge)

Funmi Agbana
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