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Learn how to cook Potatoes & Brown Soup

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If you love potatoes like i do.

You can experiment it with the brown soup i prepared alongside. It tastes good together.

Here are the Cooking Instructions:
1. Peel potatoes
2. Wash Clean
3. Pour potatoes into pot, Add water, a pinch of salt.
4. Leave to boil on low heat for 10-15minutes.

Curry Sauce
Chop all vegetables (carrot, spring onions, onions) together.
Season prawn and mist meat and leave for 5 minutes
Heat ½ litre groundnut oil for 3 minutes
Fry prawn and mist meat together,
Drain the groundnut oil from the prawn and mist meat,
Then add all vegetables to it,
Add 2 cubes of maggi,
A pinch of salt,
Add curry,
Add Cayene pepper,
Add brown soup thickener.
Add very little water
Leave to boil for 2 minutes.
Ready to serve.

Image credit: FoodAfricana
Recipe credit: @faramade

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