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Lagos top 3 best barbecue restaurants

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The Lagos scene has had a rise in grilling over the years and there has been a wide spread on grill masters who have tousled to be crowned the top grill master in the city of lagos.

However we have compiled the top five grill masters due to their notoriety, grilling game and packaging.

1. Grind Grill

The grind grill cafe is known for their signature osapa rice coined from their osapa london branch, as well as their wooden food crates on wooden trays. large selection of  jumbo prawns, beef ribs and barbecue chicken. They are also the official organizers of the the grill and barbecue festival that takes place in Lagos and Abuja state.                 Website  Twitter Facebook  Instagram 

2.Grills in and out

Grills In and Out (GIO) is a restaurant with a difference, it is a sure perfect blend of fine dinning and casual lunch/dinner day out with friends and family. They specialize in grilled, health conscious food and cocktails.

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3.Roadster burgers

Hungry for a befitting lunch?  find yourself devouring a juicy smoked beef patty in a freshly baked bun with fresh lettuce grilled bacon, tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese drizzled with French sauce served by roadster burgers.

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Wunmi Johnson
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