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How to Prepare Fried Rice

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Hello everyone, welcome to FoodAfricana again where we teach you how to cook fantastic African recipes. Today we will be preparing Fried Rice in a different way.


500g long grain white Rice
•500ml Chicken or Turkey stock/broth
•100g Cow Liver (use beef as a substitute)
•2 large Carrots
•1 handful Green Peas or Runner Beans
•1 large Green bell pepper
•1 Onion bulb
• 2-3 tablespoonful Curry Powder
•1 teaspoonful Garlic Powder
•½ tablespoonful Black or white pepper (optional)
•2- 3 Cooking spoonful Vegetable Oil
•2 stock cube or bouillon cube for Seasoning
•Salt (to taste)



  1. If you don’t have stock, you can easily prepare a tasty stock by cooking the Chicken; simply, place the Chicken in a pot, add 1 teaspoon thyme, 1 teaspoon curry, 1 stock cube and onion slices;
    add a little water and cook the chicken for 10 minutes. Then add more water and cook until done.
    The liquid left after cooking the chicken is your stock. Pour the  stock into a Strainer to remove tiny chicken bones and any other particles in it; then set the stock aside for later use.


  1. 2.Wash and place the cow liver in a pot, add seasoning cube and salt to taste; Cook the liver for 10minutes, then when cooled, cut into cubes and set aside.
    Liver can also be fried , before cutting into cubes.
    Note: If you do not like liver, you can use fried beef , chicken or shrimps as a substitute.

    Wash the Rice then place in a sieve to drain out excess water.

    The next step is to prepare the Vegetables 
     3a. Wash all the vegetables.
    Dice the onion & set aside ;
    b.  Peel the carrots & cut into small cubes.
    c.  Remove the seeds of the green bell peppers & cut into small cubes.

    Note: Although fresh veggies are the best for Nigerian fried rice, frozen vegetables can also be used.

 4. Boil the veggies for up to 2mins then Heat up the vegetable oil; add the carrots, peas, green bell pepper and diced liver/meat; then add a little white/black pepper, a garlic, curry &seasoning cube to taste. Stir fry for 1 min and pour into a bowl

20150329_151042 (1)

5. Also, Scoop the washed rice from the sieve and fry in vegetable Oil for about 3 to 5 minutes
6. After which get another pot fill with reasonable amount of water, pour the rice, fried veggies and stock. Leave to cook for 35 mins to 45 mins depending on the heat level and type of rice.
20150329_161650 (1)

Note; The cooked rice should not be soggy or too tender and the grains shouldn’t stick together either.

And your Fried Rice is ready to be served.


This is a method my Aunty thought me and it has always come in handy. It’s faster than the regular method and it gives your Fried rice a good taste. The colour and ingredients comes out lovely



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