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Boli (Roasted Plantain)

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Roasted plantain is an African Snack, in Ghana it is called “Kɔkɔ a y’ato to” while in Nigeria it is well known as “boli”. Most atimes it is mostly prepared by vendors on the street or in the busy areas. So if you are on a trip to Nigeria or Ghana try to look out for boli, i am sure you will love it. But you can also do it at home, see the steps below.

Ripe plantain or unripe plantain,

Since this will be eaten as a side, each plantain should be enough for 1-2 people.

1. Pre-heat the oven to about 350 degrees.
2. Peel each plantain that you are going to bake.
3. Place in the oven, and bake until it is as brown as you would like it.
4. Remove, and either serve like that, or cut them before serving.

Goes great with beans, groundnut, peanuts, rice, and as a side to other dishes, or as a snack.

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